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The 3 Simple Steps for Selling Your Home:

Step 1

Contact Mark

Call (702) 551-2020 or submit the form on this page. It only takes a minute!

Step 2

Get Your Cash offer

Mark will evaluate your house and present you a cash offer that is transparent. All questions answered!

Step 3

Close on Your Terms

Reach an agreement and choose your closing date. Your home is SOLD!

Important Message From Mark McKee

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  • Mark is a local, direct home buyer.
  • 30+ years local real estate experience.
  • Over 2,100 successful transactions in Las Vegas.
  • Mark is friendly, respectful, and promises to always give you the straight truth.

Learn More About Mark

What Real People Are Saying About Mark

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Teddy and Leslie R.
Teddy and Leslie R.
Fossil Creek Ln., Las Vegas. - Teddy and Leslie
"Before we talked to Mark, we had another buyer, who didn’t come through. They had made big promises and their tactics were kind of unscrupulous. "And then we met Mark, and felt a sense of sincerity in his approach. He answered all our questions, and made us feel very comfortable....
Kim M.
Kim M.
Royal Dr., Las Vegas
“We had some challenges in selling our home that made it difficult, but Mark stepped up and made it happen for us. Thanks Mark!”
Chris K.
Chris K.
Randa Ct., Las Vegas
“I agreed to a deal with some investor hub group. Then they called me the day before closing and tried to lower the price. No way – I cancelled on those crooks. Then I called Mark. He was very honest, and stepped right in to buy it. My house was...
Shu-Ching N.
Shu-Ching N.
Houston Dr., Las Vegas
“I had a cute rental house. But I decided I would rather play and have fun, than dealing with tenants and maintenance. I received a letter from Mark that was right to the point, and I liked it. When I met him, he is a sincere guy and for real. I had...
Lucinda B.
Lucinda B.
Griffith Ave., Las Vegas
“I had owned my house for nearly 50 years. When I retired, it was finally time to sell. The house needed work. Mark came over, gave me the price I asked, and closed with cash right on time. Made my move easier with less stress.”
Jose E.
Jose E.
Autumn Damask St., N. Las Vegas
“After my partner passed away, I had some health issues and it was time to sell. Mark was very patient, understanding, and went the extra mile to help me. Mark bought the house and made it quick and simple. He is honest and is very knowledgeable about the real estate...

Mark’s Motto

Help People & Find Solutions

Have a unique situation or challenge with selling your house? Mark is flexible and can handle those situations as well!

Here are a few of Mark’s creative solutions:

Need a different solution? Just let Mark know!

Get Your Cash Offer!

Hi, it’s Mark. I am a real, local person who has helped hundreds of Las Vegas sellers avoid the costs, time, and stress of the traditional home selling process. I pay cash for houses in any condition, in all areas of Las Vegas. And you never pay any Realtor commissions or fees.

Simply submit the quick form below or call me at (702) 551-2020 or (800) 595-2888, Toll-Free to request a no-obligation cash offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any obligation if I call you or submit my information on your website?

Absolutely not! There is no cost or obligation. I am friendly, respectful, and will give you the straight truth.

Are you a Realtor that wants to list my house?

No, I’m not a Realtor. I cannot and will not list your house. I’m a professional homebuyer and investor who wants to buy your house. No nonsense!

Can people deal directly with you, Mark?

Yes! I’m not a representative or “front man” from some behind-the-scenes, hidden investors. I am the one with the money, the experience, and I make the decisions. You deal directly with me, and I promise to treat you with dignity and respect.

What do you charge for your services?

ZERO. There are never any charges for what I do. No charge to evaluate your home and provide you with information. No charge to make an offer to purchase your home. And no typical closing costs, fees, or commissions if I do buy your house!

Would people get more money selling through a Realtor?


There are many variables and every situation is unique.

Please contact me, and we can do an honest comparison of selling with a Realtor vs. selling to me. If selling through a Realtor is the best option for you, I will tell you so. If it is best for you to use a Realtor, I can recommend one that is trusted and reputable.

Are there really no commissions, closing costs, or hidden fees?

Correct! Since I buy directly from Las Vegas home owners, it means there are no middlemen to charge fees and take their cut. There are no commissions to pay to Realtors, or fees for inspectors, appraisers, or other costs typically associated with the traditional home-selling process.

What if my house is already listed with a Realtor?

Depending on the circumstances, I may still be able to help you. Call me to discuss it.

Who typically sells their home to you?

People from all walks of life from around Las Vegas. They sell for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Upsizing / Downsizing
  • Job transfer / Relocation
  • Tired landlord / Bad tenant
  • Inherited / Probate
  • Divorce
  • Home needs costly repairs / Poor condition
  • Vacant home
  • Health issues
  • Behind in payments
  • Financial stress
  • Foreclosure

How does the process work?

When you contact me I will take the time to understand you and your situation. We will review all the options available to you and, based on your needs come up with the best solution.

My mission is to always help.

Here are three common scenarios:

1. I simply provide you with information and advice on how to best solve your problem.
2. I point you in a different direction to sell your home that is better for you. Or…
3. We reach an agreement for me to buy your home, close on your terms, and you get your money when and how you want it.

Visit the “How It Works” page for a detailed explanation and video of the process.

What areas do you buy houses in?

All parts of the Las Vegas valley.

What if I live out of State?

If I buy your Las Vegas house and you live elsewhere, it is not necessary for you to travel. I can arrange everything so that you can complete the sale without having to come to Las Vegas.

My house is in bad condition and needs repairs, will you still buy it?

YES. I buy houses in any condition. Nothing scares me.

What do you mean by “selling on my terms”?

Selling your house on your terms is about you being in control.

It means selling your house for the price you choose, closing on the date you pick – all without the uncertainty, drama, stress, and headaches of the traditional home selling process.

What do you mean with “no contingencies”?

A contingency is a clause in the purchase agreement that allows the buyer to back out and cancel the purchase. Examples of contingencies are “subject to inspection”, “subject to buyer obtaining financing”, or numerous others. These are often referred to as “weasel clauses” and many investors have them hidden in the contract so they can walk away from the deal at the last minute if they choose to – which could really put you in a bad position. My offers contain no such contingencies!

What price will you offer me for my home?

The offer price depends on a number of factors including the location, property style and floor plan, amenities, property condition, repairs needed, time involved, holding costs, etc. My offers are fair and guaranteed to close fast.

To give you the best price, I’ll need to take a look at your house. I’ll come out personally to evaluate it and can give you a cash offer before I leave. I’m more than happy to answer all of your questions and explain everything.

Please rest assured that I don’t use any of those “hard closing” or manipulation tactics to try to force you to sell. I don’t operate that way. It must be a win-win scenario for everyone involved!

What if I owe more than my house is worth (no equity)?

Call me. I can show you ways to solve this problem.

How soon can I get CASH in my hands?

Often in just a few days. Sometimes I can even get you cash before you sell your house. Contact me and ask for details.

Will I actually get bags full of cash?

No. When I say that I pay “All Cash” it means that I have plenty of money ready to buy your house. I do not need to go out and borrow money on a mortgage or loan.

You will get your sale proceeds in the form of a wire transfer or cashiers check – your choice.